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Standard User flilot
(newbie) Mon 17-Jun-19 03:06:52
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New Zen FTTC - Best Router with CLI for detailed stats etc?

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Hi knowledgable TBBers.

I'm shortly due to have a new FTTC connection with Zen on their Unlimited Fibre 2 service 80/20, with activation scheduled for 20th June. A brand new provision, with the line having not had any form of DSL service on it for around 10 years, as I have been with VM in that time period.
Zen supply the AVM FRITZ!Box 7530, which as I understand it, has the Lantiq chipset with no CLI for detailed line stats display or logging via DSLStats etc.

What would be your current recommendation(s) for a router (or indeed modem to use with the FRITZ's WAN port) which I could extract stats from for monitoring and logging? (this being purely for my own amusement / technical interest although as you all know, stats always help for troubleshooting should the need arise). I use wireless occasionally, but it is not of huge importance, with the majority of my equipment connected to any router via ethernet.

I'll be connecting to an ECI cabinet so no G.INP in my immediate future, but ideally want recommendations restricted to G.INP capable products in case OR do get around to enabling it on ECI cabs in future.

Thanks for all help and advice!

cabinet8 - My journey back to xDSL after a decade with VM
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