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Standard User zvirus
(newbie) Fri 17-Apr-20 10:28:59
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TalkTalk D-Link DSL‑3782 and G.INP On and Off

[link to this post]

This is my first post and I did my home work. There is no info on google about this "issue".

I have been using TalkTalk for years but never bothered to check the stats or never wondered why my pings are at 40-50ms and in the end I was getting full 39999kb down and 9999kb up speeds...

Then I have had this "brilliant" idea of going for "better" router. And got Asus DSL-N16. Really(like) Asus Wrt firmware - its the best in the world to me... so what... my line become unstable and found this router rather... useless???

Put back my old D-Link DSL‑3782 and guess what? Yes, SNR went to 10dB and speeds dropped BUT G.INP kicked in!!! to a router which suppose to not support G.INP!!

Pings from 40ms went to 12ms and VERY little errors...

But not for long... today morning it`s been switched off(?) and TalkTalk employees were giving me various(silly) explanations and excuses. In the end I have been left with questions like:

1. Why G.INP was turned on and working on a router which according to manual is not supporting G.INP?
2. Why is it suddenly GONE?
3. Why people at TalkTalk cant give me answers?

Thanks for any help!

router specification HERE


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