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Standard User brougham
(newbie) Fri 24-Dec-10 08:55:30
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Router upgrade and 21CN configuration

[link to this post]
I've been with Eclipse for a long time- I was on the original Business 500 service with a subnet of fixed IP addresses. I was quite happy with 512kbps- as long as I got it I was quite happy. In June-ish I started getting horrendous throughput (8-12kB/s) and rang up for my MAC (was thinking A&A or BE). They made some changes and things got much better. As part of the process I got a master socket filter and a Technicolour 585v7 from Eclipse as that is what they suggest. My previous router was also from them (via a mate who was on Eclipse till he emigrated). I signed up for a 12 month contract.

I got my new 585v7 plugged in and rang their tech support- "Oh no, we don't support your configuration" Brilliant! A lot of help that was.

So I've scoured the forums here and found that zen/plusnet/BE use this router and I've spent hours pouring over pages trying to get it to work. I've followed the 585v7 mult-ip app-note, no joy. The BE firmware is bespoke and behind passwords (not sure it would work either). I have followed the setup guide on Zen's support- it exactly describes what I am want and the steps match exactly what I see. This config works the best but will not allow incoming connections (it's not the firewall).

Can anyone share a setup that works with Eclipse and a subnet of addresses please?
Standard User john7
(member) Fri 24-Dec-10 21:17:27
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Re: Router upgrade and 21CN configuration

[re: brougham] [link to this post]
I found when using one of these routers that ISP is treated as the retailer (as they are) and are responsible for support for the router. There is, I found, no way of getting firmware updates direct from the ,maker they should come via the ISP but eclipse were totally useless and wouldn’t have anything to do with the router they had actually sold me. So I am not surprised you have had such appalling support with it . Best of luck with it and hope you get it going, if it needs a firmware update you will not get it from eclipse though!

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Standard User uno
(fountain of knowledge) Fri 24-Dec-10 21:38:17
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Re: Router upgrade and 21CN configuration

[re: brougham] [link to this post]
The web GUI is a pain in the backside.

Might be worth exporting/saving the config, editing it with a text editor and changing the internal IPs for your range as required an re-uploading.

Done it a few times over the years; works well.


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Standard User brougham
(newbie) Tue 28-Dec-10 19:34:34
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Re: Router upgrade and 21CN configuration

[re: uno] [link to this post]
I've used the download/edit/upload trick for my speedtouch pro over the years and it works well. Not in this case- there are reports (which I've duplicated) that say this doesn't work- when you upload and redownload to check quite a few settings are changed.
ISP Representative Eclipsestaff
(isp) Fri 07-Jan-11 12:55:49
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Re: Router upgrade and 21CN configuration

[re: brougham] [link to this post]
Hi brougham,

Sorry I'm late to the party here.

Would you be able to PM me your account and contact details, so we can see whats been going on and try and discuss this further with you over the phone?



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Standard User commandergc
(committed) Wed 12-Jan-11 00:52:18
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Re: Router upgrade and 21CN configuration

[re: john7] [link to this post]
Thats funny cos Karoo supports that router and both ISPs are owned by KC. Though i would not recommend that router as it's very basic and seems to overheat a lot.

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Standard User alcockell
(newbie) Tue 08-Feb-11 09:20:12
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Re: Router upgrade and 21CN configuration

[re: commandergc] [link to this post]
I ordered a THomson 585v7 from Amazon... fired it up in readiness for Thursday when I go across to ADSL2+... but its DHCP server was dead... it went back.

Eclipse personnel - I trust I'm fine with a new Netgear 3300?

We'll see if I get around 16Mbps as the predictors suggest.

Standard User krazykizza
(fountain of knowledge) Tue 08-Feb-11 10:28:03
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Re: Router upgrade and 21CN configuration

[re: brougham] [link to this post]
Check your router chipset

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