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Standard User chrisduk112
(newbie) Thu 20-Jan-11 14:34:28
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Eclipse Problems

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I recently moved house, previously i had O2/LLU broadband but the new area does not have O2 LLU so i chosen Eclipse Business Broadband.

I use to pay £5 for top O2 broadband package with IP on a special rate, now i am paying £25 month for Eclipse but get 20mb sync down and 1.1mb up which is nice n fast.

I found the port filtering is stupid, we have business broadband as we do business activity such as VOIP which does not work at all, our router is configured correctly and worked fine for years with O2 but not with Bee. I am trying to call tech support and cannot get through (website said something about <60 seconds answer to support calls when i signed up).

I Paid £50 setup too on top of this and received a very bad service and can't seem to get it working!

I had opened a ticket with them (Ref 1934830 & 1947516 for anyone checking this from eclipse) and i get basic answers back do to a traceroute etc.

Do Eclipse provide a true internet service package where traffic shaping is not included so i can continue to run my business how i use to with O2 broadband.

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ISP Representative Eclipsestaff
(isp) Wed 26-Jan-11 17:03:26
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Re: Eclipse Problems

[re: chrisduk112] [link to this post]
Hi chrisduk112,

Sorry for the delay in picking this up.

I'm presuming you're still having a problem there, have you been able to run over the testing that was suggested in the last email sent to you?

It may also be worth while setting the traffic controller on the website to the half way point for all traffic types, and retesting.

Please let me know how you get on.


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