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Standard User HughA
(newbie) Wed 16-Feb-11 12:14:23
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Noise Margin

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How can i get my noise margin increased? I am on a long connection (57dB attenuation) and usually sync between 3 and 3.5 Mbps with a 6dB margin giving me about 2.3Mbps on the speedtester. Unfortunately the noise margin eventually degrades and reaches 0dB when the only solution is to reset the router. Eclipse tell me to leave my router on continually and the exchange will eventually increase the target margin. If I try this the connection becomes unusable after a day or so and my choice is to reset the router or not use the Internet.
ISP Representative Eclipsestaff
(isp) Thu 17-Feb-11 08:40:12
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Re: Noise Margin

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Hi HughA,

It is possible to increase the target noise margin, but it would probably be far more useful to investigate why the noise margin is dropping so much in the first place.

Would you be able to PM me your account details so we could take a look?


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