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Standard User Sodoshi
(newbie) Fri 23-Sep-11 17:40:50
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Very angry now

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So, I (very) recently purchased Fibre Pro because I needed larger download limits than the home offering, and unlimited (I was previously on Business Gold) didn't exist in the Fiber speed, so i took Pro which gave 200GB as the best option.

Now I get an email saying that the Fibre now has an unlimited option! Eclipse has called it Lightspeed, in case we're too stupid to know its faster. So I ring up to get upgraded from my 200GB limit to that and I get told sorry, we can't do that. Not unless you cancel your existing provision and start a new one, which would cost £600(!)

Apparently the pro version can't be regraded because its classified as a business package. (This came as a bit of surprise as I was told to go whistle by support when I needed business class support, as it was a home offering. See my post on multiple IP addresses)

Really angry with Eclipse right now. I feel I've been missold my package, and am trapped now for 12 months because of a 'process issue' that won't let customers regrade, and i have no clue how to contact the people at Eclipse who CAN let me regrade, as the flustered sales girl can't really do much about it.
Standard User Sodoshi
(newbie) Tue 27-Sep-11 11:58:04
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Slightly mollified now

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Have been contacted by Eclipse and told this has gone to Director level, which has me a little humbled, and that I'll have an answer by the end of the week. I guess I'm not alone in wanting to regrade, and they hadn't really thought it through, or the fact that my support grievances (they do not have business grade FTTC support) may have had a bearing, but I'm grateful that someone is looking into things and not just letting me hang.
ISP Representative Eclipsestaff
(isp) Tue 27-Sep-11 12:46:55
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Re: Slightly mollified now

[re: Sodoshi] [link to this post]
Hi Sodoshi,

Sorry for the delay in picking this up.

While I'm obviously glad to hear you've already been "slightly mollified", I am interested to see if I can do anything more behind the scenes.

Would you be able to PM me your account details, so I could check it out?



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Standard User Sodoshi
(newbie) Wed 28-Sep-11 10:19:40
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Muted jubilation

[re: Eclipsestaff] [link to this post]
Had a call from Eclipse to tell me that they've worked out a way to regrade me to Lightspeed Unlimited, although it'll take a few days to implement. I'd like to offer my thanks to all @Eclipse - your customer services have been excellent (good communication, being understanding even when I was obviously over-angry, etc), and I obviously appreciate the successful outcome.
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