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Standard User john7
(member) Fri 30-Dec-11 09:47:08
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Over a day for eclipse to eclipse email delivery

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Its not just BT emails going slow, I sent my self 2 emails just ater 8am yesterday, they have just arived the next day at after 9.30am!
I hope emails to non eclipse are getting there better
Standard User cheshire_man
(knowledge is power) Fri 30-Dec-11 14:00:52
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Re: Over a day for eclipse to eclipse email delivery

[re: john7] [link to this post]
No problems here, I've had several conversations with friends this morning. And as my Reply email address is an alias handled by a server in the USA which forwards to my Eclipse mail box they take a few moments longer to reach me. But only a few moments longer.

It's possible though that Eclipse have more than one mail server and I'm on a different one to you.

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