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Standard User flippery
(regular) Thu 09-Aug-12 09:06:15
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Market 1 ADSL2+ Line

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Moved to Eclipse a couple of days ago, really to check whether I had Line fault. Well pleased with move. Had been getting Prime Time speed issues with Long term Unlimited Provider.
While 50 gb may not be a lot for some users and not cheapest, suits our requirements.. There may be the addage that you do not get something for nowt.

Sync 11.4 M down 1.15 M up
Attn 32 16
Noise 7 6

Actual fastest 10.6 M down 1 M Up
Prime Time 8.6 M down 0.8 M up

Now can download updates at 1.2 M. Watch Iplayer when it suits us. Surf with ease.

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