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Standard User tipichris
(newbie) Wed 22-May-13 10:02:51
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6in4 tunnels (IPv6) being throttled by Eclipse

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I moved to Eclipse FTTC back in February and for the most part found it great, but with one crippling gotcha. I use a 6in4 tunnel to provide IPv6 connectivity and the speed of IPv6 connections was appalling, around 400kbps. This is kind of a big issue these days because sites advertising IPv6 addresses include Google, Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia.

A bit of detective work led me to the conclusion that my 6in4 traffic was being throttled by Eclipse, and that it was being considered to be P2P. Eventually Eclipse confirmed that 6in4 from me was being misidentified as Ares (a type of P2P), but were unable to reproduce the problem.

I am apparently the only person affected, so Eclipse have now decided that it is not worth their while trying to sort it out. To be fair to them, they have agreed to release me from my contract, but changing ISP is a major PITA that I would rather not go through again (block of 8 IPs - network to renumber, DNS entries to change, various firewall rules to update, not to mention activation charges from a new ISP).

Is there anyone else out there using a 6in4 tunnel that has noticed slow speeds to IPv6 enabled sites, speeds that recover at weekends and after 11pm? Or for that matter, anyone running a 6in4 tunnel over Eclipse who hasn't had problems? The most obvious issues are a complete lack of ability to watch video on YouTube or Facebook without it getting mighty choppy.

The 6in4 tunnel is via, using the Goscomb London POP. Just in case you fancy giving it a try smile
Standard User zeb99
(newbie) Tue 25-Jun-13 23:17:53
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Re: 6in4 tunnels (IPv6) being throttled by Eclipse

[re: tipichris] [link to this post]
I gave up waiting for Eclipse to start their IPv6 trial and am now running a tunnel to through the London POP (tserv1.lon1).

Just performed an IPv6 speed test ( and got 11.2Mbps down, 0.97Mbps up (router sync is 15215kbps down, 1252kbps up).

It doesn't look like this traffic is throttled by Eclipse.

Edited by zeb99 (Tue 25-Jun-13 23:18:28)

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