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Standard User marcusjclifford
(committed) Wed 02-Feb-11 20:47:21
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Any sites still showing Node load history?

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Are there any sites that still show a graph or otherwise of the IPSC node load history - there used to be several - ADSL24 and EntaChoice, but they both have gone away.

Reason I ask is I think Edinburgh node just had an issue, but couldnt see clearly if there was a dip in load.

Aquiss Home 30 / UKFSN Home 30
On Exchange ESSTC / ESABN - via edinbugh-ipsc
BT Voyager 220V on BT Filtered Faceplate
BT Voyager 220V on ADSLNation XTE-2005
Standard User homi
(learned) Tue 15-Feb-11 02:31:32
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Re: Any sites still showing Node load history? *DELETED*

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Post deleted by Sadoldman
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