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Standard User armshead
(newbie) Fri 25-Feb-11 00:18:18
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Good ISP ? Rubbish staff

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After a 6 years with Entanet (freeola first then ukfsn) I finally decided to leave in Dec 2010. Slow connection & only token response from Entanet. Every engineer visit resolved by phone call to Entanet to "remove the cap"
Gave 30 days notice to ukfsn & requested MAC. Should be 4 hours. If not received within two days , let us know. Did that and again on 4th day, emails ignored. MAC on ukfsn website on 6th day as stated. Used MAC to transfer to A & A.
Received email from ukfsn stating that Entanet were unable to provide a MAC as I has chosen to transfer other than by using a MAC and that ADSL cease charge would be payable. Asked for explanation & received the usual stroppy reply from ukfsn who claimed incorrect information provided by Entanet and an apology for "any concern my reply may have caused you" I cancelled my DD in favour of Entanet when the cease charge was threatened so I was now threatened with disconnection by Entanet if I did not re-instate it, which I did.
I gave ukfsn 30 days notice on 15th December, commenced with A & A on 29th Dec and Entanet took my last payment on 14th January for the final 30 days. I then cancelled my Direct Debit again.
On 17th Jan I received an invoice from Entanet for 15th Jan to 14th Feb followed by a threat to block my connection (TO WHAT?) and a further cease charge of £24.74 + vat if I did not restore the DD.
I emailed Zoe Wood in "Credit Control" saying that I did not know whether there had been deliberate attempts by Entanet to take money to which they were not entitled or were they "simply incompetent".
The second proved to be true. On further investigation Ms Wood decided that I was owed £ 9.68 which would be refunded on or around 15th February. This was of course nonsense as I felt sure she would soon realise.
On 23rd Feb. I received yet another invoice this time for £9.68 (canceling the credit note they had issued.No explanation and no apology. Am now awaiting the next 'threat'.
Just as another poster has said "Good ISP with lousy staff" and no manners either!
Standard User Finguz
(knowledge is power) Tue 29-Mar-11 11:44:34
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Re: Good ISP ? Rubbish staff

[re: armshead] [link to this post]
Not only Enta but via UKFSN....nasty, but at least you're free now laugh

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Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Tue 29-Mar-11 12:14:04
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Re: Good ISP ? Rubbish staff

[re: armshead] [link to this post]
As an incidental point, ukfsn itself has no staff.

Re the Entanet billing, your tale, (shocking as it is), confuses me a little.

The cancelling of the Direct Debit could be the cause of the final invoice to get rid of the credit owed, as without it is place their system will not be able to do the refund. It could of course be given with a manual payment using BACS, as they have your details, but perhaps that is beyond them.

My main confusion though is the billing itself. Unless Entanet have changed their accounts procedures in the last 12 months or so, they refund the unused balance from the migration date to the end of the paid-for period.

By the look of it your payment date was the 15th of the month. So you should have had a refund from 30 December to 14 January. The £9.68 refund looks like that.

So what was this "final 30 days" payment on 14 January, with which you seem to be content?

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Standard User krazykizza
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 04-Apr-11 11:59:11
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Re: Good ISP ? Rubbish staff

[re: armshead] [link to this post]
I spoke to a guy at enta on friday night at 11:30pm, they must have new staff as he sounded like i woke him up. 30secs in he cut me off and said do you want an engineer, your lines fine.

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