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Standard User mrpugster
(newbie) Wed 17-Aug-11 21:00:25
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Really slow VPN connection

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hey there.

I use my work laptop from home via works VPN twice a week, have been using Enta via UKFSN for about 5 years now, never had problems before.

For the past 10 days though my download speeds when on my VPN is really slow, about 3kbs however the upload is fine, around 40kbs. I do a lot of SSH file transfers from my laptop to work Linux servers.

Normal speeds on my home PC connected to the same router is normal...around 4mb down and 0.4mb up.

Spoke to the comms guys at work who says bandwidth their end is fine, tested laptop vpn on a friends ADSL and it was fine. Spoke to Enta support who said it was fine, after they tried selling me their business package of course!!!

Emailed UKFSN support, but hasn't been replied to yet, just an acknowledgment, it's only been 10 days now!!!

Only thing left to do is try a different router, only thing I haven't ruled out...

Anyone else have any problems with VPN???

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