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Standard User spd
(member) Fri 23-Mar-12 21:43:12
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Goodbye UKFSN hello Vivaciti

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Migrated this morning to Vivaciti, could have been smoother, but Enta CS sent me a username that included an extra vivaciti (

Still, Vivaciti's support was excellent. Multiple reboots whilst trying to sort the problem out (including the few times I tried an older router) had forced my SNR up, but my superb TP-Link router soon settled back down to a 3dB downstream SNR. Currently synced at 13183.

Thanks to Karl at Vivaciti. No thanks due to UKFSN.

Standard User vivaciti
(knowledge is power) Sat 24-Mar-12 15:18:35
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Re: Goodbye UKFSN hello Vivaciti

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Did you get that username via email? If so could you be good enough to forward that on to vivaciti [AT] vivaciti [dot] com so we can see what went wrong there.
Vivaciti Broadband
0800 0911797

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