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Standard User PiKe
(knowledge is power) Wed 13-Jun-12 09:10:12
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MLPPP Wrong endpoint descriminator

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My work MLPPP connection has stopped working and the log is giving this error, each line will independently authenticate but when you try and bundle them together only one line will come up due to the error above. Support won't help as they seem to think it's my equipment even though the error relates to their side.

What do I do? frown

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Standard User ukfsn
(knowledge is power) Wed 13-Jun-12 09:43:56
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Re: MLPPP Wrong endpoint descriminator

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Ask your reseller to help. The front line support folks are not great with bonded DSL when there are problems and it is usually necessary to get someone with a bit more hands on technical ability in the networks team to look at it.

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