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Standard User Kinanswer
(newbie) Sun 15-Sep-13 10:19:37
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Time to wave goodbye to UKFSN

[link to this post]
Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been a loyal customer with UKFSN for many years. I believe they were one of the first few to offer 'substantial' download limits when everyone else was capping. The price was high but it worked well for me.

Over the last few months I (and many) others have started to receive sporadic outages. This wasn't a major concern (although my business was affected) but I've found the lack of communication from UKFSN appalling. I appreciate that Jason is a one man band at the company, but his tardiness at letting his customers know of issues (either via his website or social media) has disappointed me.

I've endeavored to reach Jason via the company website, but found the number listed gives a dead tone, and the feedback/support page is now blank. In desperation I reached out Entanet (effectively UKFSN's 'parent' company) and found the level of support amazing. Special mention to Ben and Ella at Entanet for being patient with me and the situation, but keeping me informed at every step of my query.

It came to a head over a week ago when I thought the time was now to move on ( offering faster uncapped fibre at half-the-price). After a lack of response from Jason (not surprised) Entanet stepped in reaching out to me via social media no less to get the issue resolved.

The final nail in the coffin for UKFSN was an e-mail from Jason this morning replying to my request for a MAC code. I was expecting an apologetic response saying "Sorry for the delay" or "please reconsider leaving", no, it just enclosed a MAC code. Nothing else. Really? That's what you think of your customers?

Oh well. Sorry for the rant but just wanted to vent my frustration's publicly in the hope it will help other UKFSN customers.
Standard User warweezil
(fountain of knowledge) Sun 15-Sep-13 13:50:48
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Re: Time to wave goodbye to UKFSN

[re: Kinanswer] [link to this post]
I had similar issues with contacting support back early last year. Having submitted a ticket via the automated system I updated it several times with further instances of problems but had no word at all from UKFSN, the support phone at that time was either just ringing out or going straight to voicemail.

I eventually contacted Enta Support directly only to find that after more than a month they had no report from UKFSN about any issues with my line. Enta sorted out the problem for me within 3 days, and I started looking at other Enta resellers, but then TalkTalk unbundled my exchange, and I found Vivaciti could offer me a (less restricted) Daisy LLU service for about the same price as I was paying for ADSL1 with peak time caps. When I requested a MAC - like you - I had a simple notification of the MAC with no expresssion of regret that a customer was leaving.

I look after 1 other line that remains with UKFSN, and soon that too will be migrated as it belongs to a disabled person who relies heavily on the net, and my circumstances have changed in a weay that means I am not always able to provide the tech support that I have in the past - simply put I need to put the line with an ISP that responds when it is contacted - and that doesnt happen at UKFSN anymore it seems.

As a linux user I am sad to withdraw this small bit of support from this reseller but things have reached the point where there is too much uncertainty to just go with the flow.

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