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Standard User borguk1of9
(committed) Sun 16-Aug-15 14:34:53
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I remember when I joined UKFSN/Entanet these forums were very busy, these days it seems not many post or are left. Tomorrow I join the fibre community and have gone with BT Infinity 2 package.

For the 2nd day in the last 2 weeks I have 0.25mb down and 0.01mb up, I don't know what's going on but Entanet is expensive compared to 6-7 years ago and the speeds are more erratic.

Entanet stated they emailed Jason several times in the last month, he didn't respond to them. He seems to have disappeared.
I don't mind when the UKFSN email servers go down, never used my email address but had it on auto divert to my hotmail account, all I get from it is spam, he doesn't even bother to filter any more and hasn't for some time. Repeated emails over the last 2 years to have it turned off went unanswered.
Standard User iand
(fountain of knowledge) Sun 16-Aug-15 18:34:59
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Re: UKFSN/Entanet

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Hope you get the service you expect from FTTC. I have been using FTTC for the last 2-3 years from SKY & it works at 38/20 day after day after day. So long to the adsl / adsl2 / adsl2M blues,. roll on the FTTC good times.

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