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Standard User MHC
(legend) Mon 10-Jan-11 17:15:01
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Early ...

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In 2010 the FTTC date was forecast as September whiuch slipped to December and in late December I found it had slipped to March and a later phone call confirmed that it would be at least April 2011 before I could get it.

Earlier today, a call on my residential line asking if I would like service on that - I pointed out that I already have a business service provided over that line and had just been told it was likely to be April. The woman was following up on my request to be informed when service was available - so not a cold call.

Went to the online checked and found that my exchange and cabinet are now live - so I'm placing an order.

At least 3 months has been pulled back so it may be worth checking to see if your own exchanges have moved too.

It may also explain the various disconnections I have been seeing over the past 10 days - my line never disconnects or resyncs for weeks or months but I have been seeing one every couple of days.



taurus excreta cerebrum vincit
Standard User WWWombat
(newbie) Tue 11-Jan-11 11:43:40
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Re: Early ...

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My DSL router re-connected itself (once) last week, so perhaps there's hope. It last did this in October (in a spate of 3 disconnections). I know this is around the time that power was being supplied to the fibre cabinet.

Unfortunately, after all the excitement in mid-December - must have been 6 date changes in 10 days - my date has since stuck to end-March frown
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