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Standard User 420
(learned) Fri 15-Apr-11 11:40:07
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Not posted on here for some time but thought I could share my experiences with BT INFINITY.

Last week I placed an order with BT Business for the BT Business Fibre (INFINITY) on one of our lines in the shop (We are a small computer repair and support company)

The girl on the phone taking the order was very pleasant and the whole process was over within 10 minutes.

I was then given a reference number and an engineer installation date and time of this morning between 08:00 and 11:00.

On Wednesday morning I received our "BT Business Hub: Fibre" router which happens to be a 2wire frown

We don't normally open until 09:00 so I got in this morning at 07:30 and proceeded to prepare the area where the phone socket is so it is all nice and clear for the engineer.

11:00 has now passed and still no sign of an engineer.

Just got off the phone with BT Business after being told there was a problem and that the order had been rejected and cancelled!!!

Now correct me if I'm wrong here but is BT a communications company?

Well if so they have yet to grasp the concept as we have had absolutely no communication from them. (what a joke)

The chap who took the call asked me if I would like the order placed again!

But going on the experience so far I have decided against it as I have now lost all confidence in BT and I will be actively seeking to move all our business away from them as soon as possible!

Anyone have any suggestions on a good supplier of unlimited FTTC that won't break the bank?

Many thanks

Standard User RSTSGeek
(regular) Fri 15-Apr-11 11:47:55
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[re: 420] [link to this post]
Did they give any explanation of what the problem was ?
(I am guessing probably not)

- Alex
Standard User 420
(learned) Fri 15-Apr-11 11:55:05
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[re: RSTSGeek] [link to this post]
You Guessed correctly,

They had no idea or explanation of why it was cancelled.

Makes me laugh that the nations communications company are unable to communicate.

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Standard User ffox
(member) Fri 15-Apr-11 14:05:30
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[re: 420] [link to this post]
This happened to me 6 weeks ago. Apparently there is another order on my line which is blocking FTTC. No one can tell me what that order is. For the last two weeks a BT Support engineer has been trying to place an order for me via the back door. No luck so far.

The worrying thing is that an order via a different ISP would be subject to the same rules and installation would be by the same people.

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Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Fri 15-Apr-11 16:05:00
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[re: 420] [link to this post]
Anyone have any suggestions on a good supplier of unlimited FTTC that won't break the bank?
There isn't one frown. As you just found out.

There is quite a good (package) comparison spreadsheet here. There is a Buiness section lower down the page.

Quality varies, as you know.

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Standard User Saltank
(member) Fri 15-Apr-11 17:58:14
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[re: RobertoS] [link to this post]
BT Don't know how to communicate.

I've called to place an upgrade for an existing BT Business broadband line at premises which have three lines in total. One with Broadband, the other is for a different phone line +payment terminal and the third is separate for another person and their own broadband line.

So out of the two lines, I tell them to upgrade the existing line. Instead, they order a new line entirely. I call to cancel that and tell them I want an upgrade on the existing broadband line. They tell me they'll cancel the other one and make sure a modem is sent out and the current line is upgraded.

Today was activation day. The modem arrived. I plug it in, and Internet: Not Connected + red light.

I call them, they tell me that the second line, was activated today for a NEW line and no existing upgrade order was placed for the line that I requested.

Talk about confusing, they had no idea to confirm which line was being activated, they only sent a modem and said 'here you go'.

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