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Standard User BTBusiness_User
(newbie) Mon 18-Apr-11 10:43:17
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FTTC speed dropping - how come?

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Hi all

I had fibre installed about 12 days ago, "BT Business with Fibre", 40/2Mb. I'm 200m from the cab so got a link of 38717Kbps at install, and DL throughput of 36-37Mbps straight away. Ping a steady 19-20 with pretty much zero jitter, any time of day. All was good, no disconnections, no data errors, no lost packets.

Not so good now though, I'm getting 23-24Mbps with a ping of 70-120, jitter of 20 or so and even an occasional lost packet! I've speedtested with both BT Speedtest and, wired straight to the HH, and at various times over the last 5 days from 8am to 1am. I've rebooted the modem to get a reconnect once and nothing changed.

Any ideas what's going on here? Surely "line settling" should mean result can improve a little, not drop 30%???

Standard User DrTeeth
(knowledge is power) Mon 18-Apr-11 12:05:37
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Re: FTTC speed dropping - how come?

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I have had to have my FTTC profile set twice and it both cases it starts at a very high speed and drops. In both my cases, the line settled is about 3 days.

If there are problems with a bit if kit that are fixed and the profile has dropped from its normal level, it will increase back to the normal.

Check your ISP control panel for connects/disconnects and have a continuous speed meter displayed at all times. These can be very helpfulk in seeing what is reallyt going on with your connection.


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