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Standard User mrnelster
(committed) Fri 29-Apr-11 07:34:18
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OpenReach FTTx Document

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This is six months old but some very interesting feed back from customers through to engineers concerns.

Interesting speed predictions for FTTC in particular from page 13. wink


Knowing how it works is completely different to understanding how it works.

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Standard User camieabz
(legend) Fri 29-Apr-11 08:36:34
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Re: OpenReach FTTx Document

[re: mrnelster] [link to this post]
Page - 25

Overall 83% fairly satisfied or better. 18% dissatisfied (10 survey respondents)

Strange way of summing up satisfaction feedback. Four of the eleven comments are positive, six are negative and one is neutral. Eleven comments from ten respondents and 83% + 18% = 101%. The sums aside, it's a very, very small sample. Not remotely reliable, regardless of the results. It may have helped with ascertaining likely problems for future installations, but still...


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