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Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Sun 08-May-11 22:28:45
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Re: Fingers crossed!!

[re: burakkucat] [link to this post]
Maybe these two items of information will help.

First, from the BT Help found in several links by googling "Data extension kit", we have, with my bold
The BT Infinity Data Extension Kit is a special cable up to 30 metres long and roughly the diameter of a pencil. It provides a wired connection between your telephone master socket and your BT Infinity Hub (via your Openreach modem) to give you the best broadband speeds possible.

Unlike a standard broadband Hub, we canít plug the BT Infinity Hub into a phone extension socket: it needs to connect directly to your phone master socket. This is because standard home phone wiring (between sockets) canít carry the higher data speeds of BT Infinity. Your old Hub might be plugged into a phone extension socket, perhaps in a work area upstairs. But if you want to put your new Hub in the same place, youíll now need the extension kit to connect it to the master socket downstairs.

You wonít need the extension kit cabling if youíre happy for your new BT Infinity Hub to sit with your Openreach modem, next to your master phone socket.
To me that means that if your router (HH) on ADSLx was by the master socket then the fibre router and modem go there, with no data extension kit, on the assumption that whatever arrangements the user had before will work as before.

It doesn't make clear the position of the modem with the kit, but clearly the router is at the far end from the master.

We also have this OR diagram, which to me shows two alternatives. Master >> modem >> (ethernet >>) router, or master >> kit >> modem >> router.

The initial installation with the modem and router both at the master therefore seems to be not as intended by Openreach.

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Standard User burakkucat
(regular) Tue 10-May-11 01:36:04
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Re: Fingers crossed!!

[re: RobertoS] [link to this post]
Thanks for that OR diagram, Bob (the peace-maker). smile

I think (I haven't checked wink) that somewhere on the main TBB site there is information that was provided when BT first trialled FTTC. Part of the information was that the VDSL modem would be required to be sited at the NTE5A.

Certainly the OP's situation, NTE5A >> VDSL modem >> HH3 >> Data Kit >> EU computer, would be flagged as "abnormal", to me.

What irked me was that without any reference to any sources, regardless of what I have seen with my own eyes, I was told that the second example in the OR diagram was the only way of using the "Data Kit". I recall (again I can't find the original reference) that when the "Data Kit" was announced one of its uses was shown as NTE5A >> VDSL modem >> Data Kit >> EU Router/Switch >> EU computer. Indeed it is only the latter usage ("Data Kit" between the VDSL modem and EU Router/Switch) that I have seen!

Anyway, water flows off ducks' backs, downstream and under the bridge. Zarjaz and burakkucat are at peace (I believe). laugh


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