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Standard User jmckeag
(newbie) Thu 12-May-11 12:54:21
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FTTC Just Installed very good!

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I have just got FTTC installed. but the install took 4 hour's due to a battery fault and connecting to another line.

I got told I would get around 13.5meg. instead I am currently getting 26meg. I tested a torrent before was able to get 2.7meg, I'm on BT total broadband Option 3 with Fibre it's not infinity due to my estimate.

The guy on the phone told me there would be no capping. seem's so able to download 2.7meg/s on P2P.

The BT Enginer also said I could get upto 7meg Upload. but my line is around 1.2KM instead off the 6.5KM it was before now.

The ping's are very low around 7ms to the first hop.

Quite far I'm very impressed. and happy with BT for once.
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