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Standard User neagle
(newbie) Sat 21-May-11 09:57:21
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BT Opt 3 with Fibre / Upload from 2 to 10megs

[link to this post]

I had this installed about 2 weeks ago now and was estimated 14.8 and 5.6 respectively... Eng came and installed and got the full 38717 profile but was locked to the 2000 upload profile.

Connection has been rock solid with no disconnections.

I had a request for the 10000 profile to be applied which they did over night... which was very fast I must admit.

Anyway the morning came and the DSL light was out on the OR modem, so I rebooted it. Tested the connection and got the full 37~ down and 8~ up on a speed test... The BT Speedometer confirmed the profiles as 38717 10000... But the problem was that the line constantly dropped like ever 30 seconds just enough for me to run a test it seemed.

Anyway it remained off line for the rest of the day as it gives up trying to sync after maybe 10 times?
I made a phone call to support and they did a line check after I explained my issue. About 20 mins after getting off the phone from them, they line stabilised and didn't disconnect at all.

What I noticed is that when I do a speed check, is that the upload speed is at just below 2megs again... yet the profile states 10000k

My question is will this increase over time to the max stable possible? or am I stuck on 2000k even though the IP Profile states 10000... and also is there anything I can ask when I contact them?

I read that the line gets set to fast path from the first day if they have no line issues? is it possible that the line couldn't handle fast path with the higher upload speed?



Just to add, i noticed that when the line got 10000k Upload that the ping times were in the 10ms~ range, now that the line no longer drops its jumped back upto 20~

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