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(Unregistered)Sat 04-Jun-11 14:59:54
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What type of cable would i be best with?

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Ello, bit of help if someone can.

I'm probably getting fibre through Zen or BT-Infinity on one of my lines in the house.

The computer/router it'll be hooked to is on the first floor of the house, what kind of cable will i need to run the extension from the mastersocket at the door upto the computer room.

I have two options from what i understand
#1 leave the modem at the door and run networking cable from it to the router upstairs over ppoe.

#2 run cable with rj11 adapters from the socket to the room upstairs having both the router/modem within a meter or two of themselves hooked with a short length of network cable.

Just unsure what type of cable it is i actually need and which is the better option of the two for say 30-40m.
Is the cabling for option #1 just bog standard cat5e with rj45 connections?

And what type of cabling is it for the rj11 route?

any help would be great thanks.
Standard User mikecrawford80
(regular) Sat 04-Jun-11 20:45:19
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Re: What type of cable would i be best with?

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BT engineer may be able to supply and fit a data extension cable from your master socket up to your first floor so you can have the modem next to your router (think 30m is max for it though).

#1, yes cat5e with RJ45
#2 cat5e again, but not sure how RJ11's are crimped

I suspect either way will not make much difference (if at all) to your speed, but you just may need to judge it cosmetically (i.e. do you want your modem next to master socket, or would it be better out of the way upstairs with your router).

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