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Standard User BuckleZ
(fountain of knowledge) Tue 14-Jun-11 15:47:15
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Ordering Infinity..

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Currently with sky talk and sky broadband, thinking of going with Infinity due to lower pings and the faster download/upload. Don't use P2P anymore so the throttling won't bother me.

My sky talk is WLR I believe as i can run the BTwholesale availability checker and it shows up... so i believe my broadband is SMPF.

Do i just need a MAC from Sky and ring BT and they do the rest?

When trying to order via BT site it says i need a BT line, surely mine is already BT? I never got moved onto SVBN.

BTwholesale checker shows:
Our test also indicates that your line currently supports a fibre technology with an estimated WBC FTTC Broadband where consumers have received downstream line speed of 36Mbps and upstream line speed of 7.8Mbps

Sky Broadband

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