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Standard User MadPom
(regular) Mon 20-Jun-11 18:52:16
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Chorley FTTC - Anyone Connected?

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First a bit of background. Just over two months ago I tried to get FTTC installed via Aquiss. Openreach came out but someone had cancelled the order & not informed the engoineer, meaning that there was no "data" present despite the modem sync'ing with the cabinet fine. So the order was resubmitted, expedited and Openreach came out a week later but didn't even get as far as my house - they tried it from the cabinet and simply advised the ISP that "there was a fault". I was advised that Openreach would "investigate" at least a week later. That meant it would most likely be a further two weeks, more likely longer. This was the point where I gave up and cancelled the order, fed up with the hassle & having lost confidence that Openreach had any clue what they were doing.

So, at some point a week or two ago the BT Wholesale checker stopped offering FTTC as an option on my line, and then Friday it was back again. I'm hoping this means that whatever the fault was, it has now been resolved. Obviously I have no idea whether it was the cabinet or the exchange at fault. But I'm curious to know if there's anybody on here on the Chorley exchange who has successfully had FTTC installed, especially if in the Gt. Knowley area. The missus saw an Openreach van outside two different houses (an hour apart) near here late last week which has got my interest going again. So, has anyone in Chorley got FTTC?

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