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Standard User MHC
(legend) Mon 27-Jun-11 10:34:42
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Modem failure ...

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What have others experiences as their modem fails?

I had a 38717 sync for months then it suddenly dropped to 33000 (approx) and it has now dropped further. TBB Speedtests have shown a decrease from 36500, to 31500 to 28000 and BT tests give similar results. Previously the TBBmeter plots gave a nice clean regular plot, but now it is all over the place. So far, BT are not interested as I am still above the 15Mbps threshold.

I have measured the temperature of the heatsink in the modem - it is over 60oC with a heatsink that has a thermal resistance of about 30K/w and the IC packaging adding something similar, with maybe 0.5w (or more) power consumption the die is probably sitting at something over 100oC.

I wonder if this one is on the way out?

Edit to add:
The modem IS wall mounted



taurus excreta cerebrum vincit

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Standard User paul1360
(member) Mon 27-Jun-11 14:33:43
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Re: Modem failure ...

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Hiya MHC,
My modem DSL light started flashing and I was losing connection, Then day after no light at all, Had a new 1 fitted last Monday and my Profile was the same 38717 & 10000, sometime in the afternoon my speed started to drop, all the way down to 12000 & 2000, It then it went back up to 23635 & 10000, I tried to have my profile reset back up with CS India but alas no joy and they booked an OR Eng to come out today, He has not long gone and found that I had been taken off interleaver??? to fast path??? (not sure on terms) and all test's he carried out I had no errors or any problems and so had my Profile reset back to 38717 & 10000 but he still said to heck with it and replaced my modem as well.
Hope the above is helpfull to you.

iechyd da

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