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Standard User Telstar
(newbie) Mon 04-Jul-11 19:15:13
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Shropshire Fibre

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The Story so far despite Shrewsbury council and Telford and Wrekin being in the same county neither will work with the other to come up with a single solution! Politics wonderful!

Shropshire council bid in wave two of the bduk funding. They failed but are still working with BDUk to fully comply with their requirements. From this we understand that hopefully funding will be given. How much and when is another question. I have heard that news on the figure and if agreement has been made should be public knowledge this month (july).

Our town entered the Infinity competition and came in at 16 th position. Despite this and the fact that out exchange has the 21CN connectivity so ready for Infinity, BT have not upgraded us. We came 16th out of 2495 other towns and villages yet still are waiting! Since January another 400 villages and towns have been railroaded past us all of which fell significantly down the Infinity league table, yet Bt have chosen them over us.

Hopefully if the BDUK funding is given that might help us, but will Shropshire council be looking at the whole of Shropshire or just that area that it currently is in charge of? What of Telford?

Lastly why are BT installing Infinity in towns that already enjoy cable based services such as Stafford etc. What makes Bt think that anyone is going to give up a faster cheaper service that has far more benefits for their Infinity package.

This month is going to be very interesting.

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Standard User adebov
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Mon 04-Jul-11 19:28:47
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Re: Shropshire Fibre

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In reply to a post by Telstar:
What of Telford?

As with most FTTC (so far only five exchanges have been enabled in my county and they've still not enabled the three of the five largest towns/cities) it's a bit of a lottery.

It seams some place called Stirchley (which appears to be one of the southern suburbs of Telford, and by no means the largest exchange in the area) is set for a December date and Shrewsbury exchange is down for next March (yeah; right!!), so at least BT have started to think about your country.

I'll admit it doesn't look promising - if we get to next March and BT still haven't enabled FTTC in Shrewsbury exchange (which appears to serve over 29,000 lines) it's a pretty poor show (and I'm struggling to think of reasons why they're enabling towns with only a few thousand people, yet still haven't got round to places with 70,000 & 160,000 people).


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Standard User BuckleZ
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 04-Jul-11 20:46:18
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Re: Shropshire Fibre

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Here in N.Ireland they started with rural areas to give the people who get the slowest connections the boost first, but now they are doing town centres aswell. Im lucky enough to live in the only town in the UK who has 100% FTTC coverage, but looking at some stats someone posted soon England are trailing behind with FTTC

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Standard User nredwood
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Mon 04-Jul-11 21:07:23
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Re: Shropshire Fibre

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An area generally overlooked, not just for fibre

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Standard User ConorMK
(knowledge is power) Thu 07-Jul-11 15:49:55
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Re: Shropshire Fibre

[re: BuckleZ] [link to this post]
My family back hoem in NI are on the Ballycastle exchange and are probabaly about 6+ miles from teh exchange and can barely get 512 connection. There was supposed to be some big new broadband connection a few years ago but they haven't benfited from this.


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Standard User nelix01
(member) Thu 07-Jul-11 17:20:50
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Re: Shropshire Fibre

[re: ConorMK] [link to this post]

Have you seen this?

You searched for exchange "Ballycastle"
Information correct at time of publishing, but may be subject to change.

Cabinet # Address Install Date
DETI NGB 1 Ballinlea Rd, Ballintoy Ready for Customer Orders
DETI NGB 2 Jcn Leyland Rd/Castle St Ready for Customer Orders
DETI NGB 3 Ballyvoy Ready for Customer Orders
DETI NGB 4 Glenshesk Rd/Jcn Drumavoley Rd Ready for Customer Orders
DETI NGB 5 Atlantic Ave, Rathlin Rd Ready for Customer Orders
DETI NGB 6 Coleraine Rd Ready for Customer Orders
DETI NGB 7 O/S Exchange, Quay Rd Ready for Customer Orders
DETI NGB 8 Market St, Diamond Ready for Customer Orders
DETI NGB 9 Jcn Leyland Rd, Market St Ready for Customer Orders
DETI NGB 10 Leyland Rd Ready for Customer Orders

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