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Standard User aldredd
(learned) Thu 07-Jul-11 14:24:53
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Fibre Voice Access

[link to this post]
Anyone know where things stand with Fibre Voice Access (over FTTP/H)?

Would love to ditch my main landline, as I pay £13/m for the privilege of 1 call a month and SKY box connecting every so often.

I found some literature from BT-OR suggesting that it was essentially done, and available to ISPs to offer as a package, with just the back-up power issue outstanding

"FVA can be provided in one day to premises
with an existing FTTP ONT."

"An analogue terminal adaptor embedded
in the ONT at your customers’ premises:
- Can support two telephony lines
- Allows your customers to use
their existing analogue telephony
- Provides a quality voice service
equivalent to PSTN (configured to
G711, 10mS)
- Integrates into existing home voice
extension sockets"

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Standard User nelix01
(member) Thu 07-Jul-11 14:50:38
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Re: Fibre Voice Access

[re: aldredd] [link to this post]
It's one thing offering it as service to a CP, but the CP will need all their internal systems alligned to provide this to you as their customer. I think that this is still someway off from being offered out as an alternative to your copper voice service. If you look at that document, it was only available for trials from March this year.

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