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Standard User keith_thfc
(knowledge is power) Mon 22-Aug-11 12:16:03
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Cheap reliable router for ADSL and Fibre

[link to this post]
Are there any cheapish reliable routers than can be used on ADSL and fibre?

Got some issues with new Netgear DGND3700 router/modem so might decide to return it and replace with something else.

It needs to work with my existing be* ADSL service (so I can test it works) and will also need to work with the BT Openreach provided fibre FTTC service.

Doesn't have to be a combined router/modem, just a router.

Thanks all.

be* Value (be* since Jan 2006)
3.5 Mb down/1 Mb up using Thomson TG585
Poplar (LNPOP) exchange

(ex Wanadoo/AOL/Zen/f2s LLU)
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