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Standard User kunjar
(newbie) Wed 12-Oct-11 15:37:30
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BT FTTC Installation (Modem extension cable)

[link to this post]

I am contemplating ordering the BT Infinity service but have a few queries regarding the Openreach modem RJ11 cable.

The BT master socket in my property is located below and to the side of the window sill of the entrance window. I would like to place the Openreach modem and BT router in the bedroom directly above.

My understanding is that the Openreach engineer installs a new faceplate onto the BT master socket which contains two ports with, the upper being an RJ11 jack that allows the OR modem to be connected.

Now, i was considering purchasing an RJ11 extension cable (male-male) of approx 4-6m in length, so that i could pass the cable up through the ceiling board in one of the corners of the entrance hall, and out under the skirting board of the bedroom directly above. Once the OR engineer installs the faceplate i can simply plug one side of the cable into the faceplate RJ11 jack and the other end into the OR modem in the bedroom upstairs. Avoiding a cable extension around skirting boards and going up the stairs would both result in a smaller extension length and be aesthetically pleasing provided it is properly clipped/secured to any contacting surface.

Here is an example of the cable i am going to purchase:

Obviously i would need to do this before the OR engineer comes, as trying to fish the cable through an already existing path may take some time, not to mention clipping/setting the cable neatly.

I cannot think of how this may be an issue given that the length of the extension cable is much shorter than the available 30m extension as offered by OR. Alternatively i considered an RJ11 male-female extension but thought it is just an "extra" point of contact between the OR modem and the RJ11 jack on the faceplate.

RJ11 M-F extension:

Please advise as to whether this would be acceptable by an OR engineer?

Kind Regards.
Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Wed 12-Oct-11 16:00:12
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Re: BT FTTC Installation (Modem extension cable)

[re: kunjar] [link to this post]
What is acceptable to BT engineers seems to vary frown. But I doubt if a standard ADSL cable would be.

I would suggest one of two alternatives, both of which should be fine.

1) Run a length of CAT5 cable along your preferred route, with a fair amont of spare at each end so they have enough to play with. Just leave it in place and the engineer will then hopefully do one of two things:

- use that cable instead of the data extension cable, wiring it into the master and fitting an extension box to it in the bedroom;

- similar but turn the existing master into a simple junction box and resite the master to the bedroom.

2) Make the hole in the desired place and pass some string through it, so they can easily draw the Data Extension cable through it. That doesn't have a connector at the extension end so it doesn't need to be a huge hole.

Option 1 looks best, option 2 looks safest.

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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 12-Oct-11 17:14:53
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Re: BT FTTC Installation (Modem extension cable)

[re: kunjar] [link to this post]
Second link - no - flat cable profile, no twists in it.

First link, hard to tell, but possibly the same.

CAT5 cable or something that is CW1308 specification is what you want.

Generally if you are happy fitting the cable they will leave a 30 metre data extension kit, the rule being you let them test at the master socket, and if you get any problems always test at the master before ringing in a fault.

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Standard User MHC
(legend) Wed 12-Oct-11 18:34:21
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Re: BT FTTC Installation (Modem extension cable)

[re: kunjar] [link to this post]
As Mr S says ...

No2 a definite NO, No1 - if it is twisted pair cable fine, if not forget it.

But if you can get a draw string in place for when the technician arrives you could use the data extension kit which he will fit.



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Standard User Zarjaz
(knowledge is power) Wed 12-Oct-11 18:58:00
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Re: BT FTTC Installation (Modem extension cable)

[re: kunjar] [link to this post]
The installing engineer will be carrying 'data extension' cable, both internal and external. So they could run this straight upstairs for the modem as you suggest, or take it out through the wall by the NTE and then back in upstairs, neat and tidy, and at no cost to you. Option three sees the engineer relocate the NTE, if for instance this is more feasible (easier), then I'm sure the engineer will suggest this.

Just be ready with the tea and biccies, the engineer will sort the rest. Worry ye not.

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