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Standard User jdowning640
(member) Sun 23-Oct-11 03:19:47
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Sub-5Mbps product availability

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Hi all,

I was told of this a few months back by an ISP:

It states:

GEA-FTTC: Sub-5Mbps DSLAM Profiles - extend the GEA-FTTC product so that the order threshold and FTR are changed from 5M down to 2M.

and shows that this release was due in July 2011.

Was just wondering - is this ever going to happen? I currently get 7Mbps sync when interleaving turned off... get around 5 on speed tests. live 2 miles from cabinet. Surely if it shows 5Mbps for ADSL it should show higher for FTTC?

This is what it says on wholesale checker.

Your exchange is ADSL enabled, and our initial test on your line indicates that your line should be able to have an ADSL broadband service that provides a fixed line speed up to 2Mbps.

Our test also indicates that your line currently supports an estimated ADSL Max broadband line speed of 4Mbps; typically the line speed would range between 3Mbps and 5Mbps.

The actual stable line speed supportable will be determined during the first 10 days of use. This speed may change over time, to ensure line stability is maintained.

If you decide to place an order, a further test will be performed to confirm if your line is suitable for the service you wish to purchase.

Thank you for your interest.

Please note that postcode and address check results are indicative only. Most accurate results can be obtained from a telephone number check.
Note: If you already have a Broadband service enabled on this line and you want to switch service providers, you will need to contact both your current provider and your new provider to get your service changed over new and existing service provider to have this service transferred.

Exchange is definitely enabled and so is cabinet. Before the cabinet was enabled, it said it was due to be enabled with estimated speeds of 100Kbps down and 500Kbps upload, then disappeared after cabinet was enabled.

appreciate the help.

Standard User jdowning640
(committed) Wed 26-Oct-11 18:30:31
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Re: Sub-5Mbps product availability

[re: jdowning640] [link to this post]
So I submitted a request via the website - here's the few emails I've been sending.

Can someone tell me if I'm correct that if the cabinet is right beside the exchange (15), I could get speeds of ADSL2 based services??


Hi there, I have spoken to X from BT Wholesale a while ago however super fast broadband is not available in my area.

Gerry said that the minimum obligation is 2Mbps, however this is simply not enough for our business. We are constantly relying on internet access to provide services to our customers. We own a restaurant and hotel and we're constantly sending and receiving data over the internet both for the usage of our staff and guests.

Can you please give me an estimation whenever I will be able to receive faster speeds? My BT street cabinet and exchange has been enabled for fibre to the cabinet.

My exchange is Aghalee.

If you need to ring me, please do so after 4pm. I have contacted Lisburn Council in relation to the scheme by the European Union for broadband in rural areas however they did not reply.

Thanks for your help. Jack

Their reply:

Jack, apologies for the delay in responding.

As you state the cabinet serving your premises (Aghalee cabinet 1) has been upgraded for fibre broadband but unfortunately with a cable distance of around 3km, you are too distant from the cabinet to benefit from any of the current fibre products.

I appreciate this is not the response you had hoped for but I can assure you we are continually testing and adopting new technologies with a view to increasing the range and speeds of our current broadband products.

My reply:

Hi there.

I believe if I was put on a fibre line then I could benefit from ADSL2 speeds which would be around 6Mbps higher than what I currently get (5Mbps).

Even if it's a fibre product: any speed difference would be good and I would really appreciate if the checker could be edited to show my line is capable of fibre so I could benefit from these higher speeds.

Thanks so much.

Their reply:

Jack, ADSL2 does not operate over fibre, it is delivered directly from the exchange. The fibre enabled cabinet will not improve or impact on current ADSL2 service or speeds, as itís sole function is to deliver a fibre broadband product.
As previously explained, the distance your premises are from the fibre enabled cabinet is beyond the reach of our current fibre broadband products. The distance limit is around 1.7-1.8km.

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Standard User orly
(fountain of knowledge) Wed 26-Oct-11 18:50:02
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Re: Sub-5Mbps product availability

[re: jdowning640] [link to this post]
Sounds like a bit of a runaround.

As you've made clear you are served from a cabinet rather than directly from the exchange. As the fibre cabinet essentially becomes the exchange with regards to your internet service, and it will always be closer to your premises, then you are guaranteed to get improved speeds.

As with ADSL, it takes BT a few years to get the measure of a technology. They used to say it was nigh on impossible to get better than 512k over more than 3.5KM if I recall!

> Comparison chart of FTTC ISPs
> Got FTTC? Complete the survey

BT Infinity 8th July 2010
600m (approx) to cabinet
29.5Mbit down / 5.5Mbit up

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