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Standard User MrGrumpy
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Sat 05-Nov-11 09:41:25
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Access FTTC modem from behind a router

[link to this post]
Ok is there anyway to access the FTTC modem from behind the router. This modem has just been unlocked so would like to access the stats. Anyone managed this or is it a case off accessing this directly via Lan 2 ?



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Standard User mikecrawford80
(regular) Sat 05-Nov-11 13:02:33
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Re: Access FTTC modem from behind a router

[re: MrGrumpy] [link to this post]
See this post for lots of people that have done this. Just connect LAN2 to a spare port on your router.

You need to make sure your router uses the subnet and that is not already in use... If your router is not on the subnet change the IP address of the modem. If is in use (i.e. by your router), change the modem IP address to an alternate one.

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