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Standard User MHC
(legend) Fri 11-Nov-11 00:00:42
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Modem Exchange ...

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I have been trying to get to the bottom of my connection suddenly stopping - average latency shoots right up, email message checks freeze, browser times out ... every 45 minutes. No resync and it lasts 10 or 20 seconds...

A new modem was installed today - version 2B to replaced an original one from almost 12 months back.

The problem is worse - every 45 minutes there are two spike a couple of minutes apart ! And speedtests are lower.

The modem feels warmer than the old - so I checked heatsink temperature - old was 55oc and the new is up at just over 60oc!

Another call to BT tomorrow!



taurus excreta cerebrum vincit
Standard User Adsl24
(fountain of knowledge) Fri 11-Nov-11 08:35:55
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Re: Modem Exchange ...

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Are you plugged in to the Openreach modem directly or via your router? Might be worth just plugging in direct and dialling via PPPoE to rule out any weirdness (which you've probably already done!)

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