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Standard User garethevans1986
(newbie) Fri 11-Nov-11 10:53:04
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Order placed

[link to this post]
In reference to :
Line enabled for Fibre Broadband: Yes
Estimated Maximum Download Speed*: 22.6Mbps
Estimated Maximum Upload Speed*: 5.8Mbps

Just placed my order for FTTC.

I've currently got a Cisco 1801 on my ADSL line - this should support PPPoE right?

Can't wait till next week laugh

Standard User orly
(fountain of knowledge) Fri 11-Nov-11 12:47:40
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Re: Order placed

[re: garethevans1986] [link to this post]
Depends on the WAN port.

It won't necessarily work.

> Comparison chart of FTTC ISPs
> Got FTTC? Complete the survey

BT Infinity 8th July 2010
600m (approx) to cabinet
29.5Mbit down / 5.5Mbit up
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