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Standard User Bobby_Valentino
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 05-Dec-11 23:18:15
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PCP connection to the FTTC Cab

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If an fttc cab is adjacently installed 12 meters away from a pcp cab and there is alreadys a natural trench under the pavement to carry the normal household lines to the pcp cab would BT need to further dig another trench or would they reuse the only already there containing all the wires leading up to the pcp cab?

The reason I ask is alot of the install pics iv seen shows tarmac'd trenches from the fttc cab to pcp cab.


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Standard User Ribble
(member) Mon 05-Dec-11 23:56:13
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Re: PCP connection to the FTTC Cab

[re: Bobby_Valentino] [link to this post]
The ones where they dont dig a new duct route they use the existing duct. Where they do dig a new duct route then they dont use existing duct.
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