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Standard User mr_mojo
(knowledge is power) Mon 12-Dec-11 21:41:27
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Anyone in Edinburgh?

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I'm on the Waverley exchange. Date for RFS is set to 01/12/2011 -- still can't submit an order. Hasn't slipped on that. Checking my postcode and some others around now says 'infinity isn't planned in your area'.

Secondly, the Edinburgh Rose Street exchange where my office is and a couple of mates is a right old conendrum. Still no announced FTTC (which I find strange considering it's the most central Edinburgh exchange and has a huge amount of businesses and wealthy residents connected to it). Even more confusing, no announced 21CN.
Standard User Adsl24
(fountain of knowledge) Tue 13-Dec-11 13:13:50
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Re: Anyone in Edinburgh?

[re: mr_mojo] [link to this post]
The exchange being RFS makes no difference. If the cabinet to which you are connected is not being upgraded by BT then you won't be able to receive it at all. If BT are planning to upgrade your cabinet, then once they have installed the new Fibre cabinet and got it all set up they will make it live, and then an order could be placed.


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