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Standard User TheManStan
(learned) Fri 20-Jan-12 13:14:49
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SMCO Rollout change FTTP now listed instead of FTTC

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Previously SMCO Cowley had an RFS of Dec-11 FTTC, Openreach now has the RFS as FTTP Mar-12.

Someone kindly mapped the postcodes.

The FTTC cab that serves me is powered and a spam of the other postcodes on the BT postcode checker shows that none of the other cabs are live.

Have there been any other exchanges where this has happened?


(Unregistered)Sat 21-Jan-12 13:46:05
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Re: SMCO Rollout change FTTP now listed instead of FTTC

[re: TheManStan] [link to this post]
My exchange still says FTTP in the "accepting orders" list but I have FTTC. According to the leaked spreadsheet some of the newer build estates are getting FTTP with everyone else earmarked for FTTC.

I'm guessing it is a typo at BT. A town near me has a mix too but it is properly attributed as having "FTTC/P".
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