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Standard User Cujono31
(newbie) Mon 27-Feb-12 01:25:18
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Sam knows info

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According to Sam Knows my address just outside Morpeth can receive FTTC.

Everything suggests I should be able to order it now but when I contact BT they say it's not available yet! Anyone else having the same problem with conflicting information? I'd love to know when I can get fibre as I get a very bad 1.5mbps at the moment.

Standard User BuckleZ
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 27-Feb-12 03:02:05
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Re: Sam knows info

[re: Cujono31] [link to this post]
Samknows only displays if the exchange is enable for FTTC, not the actual cabinets.

What does it say when you enter your telephone number here:

Edited by BuckleZ (Mon 27-Feb-12 03:03:19)

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