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Standard User jeremybailey
(newbie) Wed 21-Mar-12 14:19:43
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New Install Ordered, a few questions

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Ordered BT service this morning, install next wed. Few questions, BE for some reason have de-tagged my line in Dec 2011 (System Error they say) - BT have accepted the order with no MAC code and so far no problems have occurred. Do anyone think any issues may occur with the migration over to the new service.

Also, BE did offer me a trial account for there new service over fttc, not seem much details about this, has anyone else?

thanks, J
(Unregistered)Wed 21-Mar-12 14:30:02
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Re: New Install Ordered, a few questions

[re: jeremybailey] [link to this post]
This probably wont help, but ive ordered BT Infinity and was not offered fibre trial service from BE There. I had no problem with getting my MAC code.
I know this doesnt help, but at least you might be able to narrow your problem down to this trial offer?

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