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Standard User stevepressman
(regular) Thu 29-Mar-12 13:36:22
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How much will it cost to change to BT Infinity?

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Can somebody tell me what is the cost to change to BT Infinity the unlimited package with evening & weekend calls, I already have FTTC with ADSL 24, phone is already with BT. So I guess I would like to know:

1. Set up Fee?
2. Advance payments?
3. BT Hub?



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ADSL24 Fibre 30 Pro
Standard User Dilbert
(regular) Thu 29-Mar-12 18:03:08
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Re: How much will it cost to change to BT Infinity?

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I've just swapped to BT infinity option 2 from an Aquiss FTTC Business package and the only thing I had to pay on top of the monthly costs is £6 for delivery of the Home Hub.

When I changed to them though I did also pay for 12 months line rental upfront (Line Rental Saver) which was another nice saving on top of what I saved moving from Aquiss to BT but you don't have to pay that if you don't want to pay line rental upfront.

Was using a Cisco E3000 for my router previously with Aquiss but have been very impressed with the home hub so far so the E3000 is going on eBay so a bit more money back there too.

I hadn't used BT as an ISP for at least a decade so was a bit nervous moving back to them but once I got past the farce of them not knowing if I needed an engineer visit or not the connection has been great. Usenet downloads don't run at full speed during peak hours but then they never did with Aquiss and I haven't had any really slow speeds yet, slowest I have experienced is about 20Mbps. Outside of peak hours Usenet speeds have been great, 40Mbps.

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