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Standard User jonstatt
(regular) Wed 18-Apr-12 20:04:59
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Managed to get an 80/10 service :)

[link to this post]
My upload speeds were never getting the max from a 10 Meg limit anyway. But my download speeds were hitting the cap.

After requesting the 80/20 service, I have actually managed to get 80/10!

My download profile on BT's speedtester is 43.8
My upload profile is still 10. The upload profile is not dynamic. It just shows the max for the service so should have changed to 20 regardless.

I have tried rebooting both modem and router and it doesn't change.

So while it doesn't really matter, I can proudly announce I have a unique 80/10 installation smile

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ISP Representative Adsl24
(isp) Wed 18-Apr-12 21:09:08
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Re: Managed to get an 80/10 service :)

[re: jonstatt] [link to this post]
Could be that the line cannot support more than 10 anyway if it only just scraped above 40 down?

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