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Standard User MJEdmunds
(newbie) Mon 04-Jun-12 12:36:16
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Fritz Box 7390 management pages and Telefonbuch

[link to this post]
Fritz Box 7390 reliable as VDSL modem since Feb 2012.
Firmware version: 84.05.22
But a lovely obscure gotcha.
The Telephone - Calls page blank. (Calls being Pushed correctly - so just the display)
Also Call Divert pages broken.
Multiple AVM support calls - eventually suggest a Factory Reset.
Perfect! fault cured.
Restored Telephone Book - Fault returns.
Binary chop of the XML telephone book data located a rogue entry with realname 'text' containing an embedded 'newline'
The phone book goes back a long way - Psion . . . Palm . Palm Treo - Android.
then Android app contacts2fritz.

XML Notepad: Find - Search Filter, Text - Use regular expressions - \n
found four more records containing 'newline' - Edited.
Result 450 entry telefonbuch works ok. Calls are displayed and Call Divert works.
Since I queried a fault with BT and the more recent firmwares, CLI is reliable.
7390 now rock solid and CLI 'Withheld' or 'unknown' get Call Divert to an internal answerphone, with a greeting that suggests 'Use 1470'.
Overseas callers have been warned to dial a VoIP number.
Standard User Al1264
(regular) Mon 04-Jun-12 13:33:31
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Re: Fritz Box 7390 management pages and Telefonbuch

[re: MJEdmunds] [link to this post]
I have never heard of this problem before but as a 7390 user I'm very grateful that you took the time to post with a solution to the problem.
Have you come across
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