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Standard User tomxlisa
(member) Thu 21-Jun-12 18:18:06
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Which Cabinet

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When you hear people say you will get this speed depending how far you are from the cabinet, which cabinet do they mean, is this the original cabinet that is there, or the new fibre one?.
Standard User greenglide
(committed) Thu 21-Jun-12 18:28:05
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Re: Which Cabinet

[re: tomxlisa] [link to this post]
To be totally accurate it is the length of the line from your premises to the PCP (the original cabinet) plus the distance from the PCP to the FTTC CAB as it at this point that the line is connected to the DSLAM which terminates the fibre.

The two cabinets can be up to 50 metres or so apart.

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FTTC Cab installation commenced 12th April - expect full 80 / 20 - bye bye BE, hello BT Infinity soon!
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