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Standard User greenglide
(committed) Sat 30-Jun-12 14:25:36
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Re: Cabinet installed but no Fibre

[re: dparry] [link to this post]
In reply to a post by dparry:
So these are people where for some reason BT arent laying fibre to their cabinet (FTTC)? And thus only the exchange supports fibre?

Apologies, I am still learning!

Some cabinets served by an exchange get fibre (not usually in one go) but normally a number of cabinets are omitted either because Open Reach believe there will be insufficient take up to cover their costs or there are complications due to planning permission or other difficulties siting the FTTC CAB.

New estates built since to plan was put together can get missed as well.

Ex <n>ildram , been to SKY MAX - 15,225 Download
BE Unlimited - 21,000 Download 1,200 Upload ON THE LINE THAT SKY COULD ONLY PROVIDE 15,255 DOWN AND 800 UP ON!!!,
Moved house, now BE Unlimited 6,500 Down, 1Mb/s up - gutted!
FTTC Cab installation commenced 12th April - expect full 80 / 20 - bye bye BE, hello BT Infinity soon!
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