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Standard User tdjohn
(learned) Mon 05-Nov-12 10:40:03
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Still Waiting...

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A few months ago I posted regarding a FTTC that appeared next to our regular cabinet down the road. 3 - 4 months have gone by and we're still not able to get the service. I've spoken to an engineer working at the cab on a couple of occasions and they say it is all wired up ready to go and it is definitely our cab and will definitely give us significantly more bandwidth than we currently have ( < 1mbps).

There were unconfirmed mutterings that our property would not be viable being about 1km from the cab, but the cab is in a rural location so there are only a handful of properties within that radius so what would be the point installing it there?

Does anyone know if there are any specialist ISPs that will wire us up if this is the case and BT says no because we can't get the super high speeds?

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Standard User ccxo
(experienced) Mon 05-Nov-12 19:00:14
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Re: Still Waiting...

[re: tdjohn] [link to this post]
Which exchange/cabinet are you on, as their could be problems with the exchange or fibre etc.

1km will give about 24Mbps down and about 2/3Mbps upload- it may be higher or lower depending on the quaility of the line.
FTTC cabinets are installed next to the existing pcp's and they serve x number of properties in their area.

If youre number is with BT, then please enter it into this checker below and post back the results, if your number is not, then use the postcode/address checker and post that result.

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