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Standard User Tromang
(newbie) Sat 17-Nov-12 11:37:00
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Different download speeds with different browsers

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Only just registered with this forum, but have used the thinkbroadband speedtester for a long time. I recently upgraded my FTTC package to 76mbps download, 20mbps upload.
IP profile for the line is 72.4mbps down and 20mbps up.

Using FTP, I mostly achieve 67mbps download and 16mbps upload speeds.
Using Firefox browser to run the thinkbroadband speedtester (I use the flash version), I invariably get 60-66mbps download and consistently 14-16mbps upload.

However, when I use the Chrome browser or the IE browser, the thinkbroadband speedtester always reports a download speed of only 30-35mbps and an upload speed of roughly 16mbps.

So IE and Chrome both appear to be limiting the download capability. Can anyone offer any guidance as to what might be happening? Thanks.
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