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Standard User chubsta
(member) Tue 20-Nov-12 08:31:27
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How will i know when i can get fibre?

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The BT Checker says that is is 'coming soon - December 2012' and the new cabinet went in a few months back - my exchange is Folkestone in Kent and my postcode is ct18 7lw - the street cabinet is the only one and serves the whole village with an estimated 63x uplift!!

Thing is, how will i know it is 'live' and able to order - i check the checker regularly but i presume there wont be some magic switch-on just befor midnight on New Years Eve?

I regularly see the Openreach guy at the new cabinet, and the Elgin checker showed power-work being done to it around the date it was installed so no problems there so i imagine when it is ready to go there shouldnt be any problems...

any advice appreciated...
Standard User timl
(member) Tue 20-Nov-12 09:17:05
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Re: How will i know when i can get fibre?

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My PCP only just went live 8 months after it was installed and I believe that's quite a quick rollout. The only way you can check if you can order it is when the BT wholesale checker says your particular line supports fiber. The postcode checker is apparently just a guide.


Be 4.4Mb on 62db!
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