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Standard User WWWombat
(experienced) Wed 21-Nov-12 01:44:12
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BT - "Light Grid" access network

[link to this post]
I came across this 2010 BT presentation on "Light Grid" access networks

It is obviously a product of BT's research side, rather than Openreach's practical side.

However, it covers the concept of connecting 2 adjacent exchanges with an over-specified fibre spine - allowing for the dual-parenting of cabinets (so moving the resilience of duplication from the exchange level down to the cabinet level). It then increases that to the concept of routing the spine between 2 core nodes (in 21CN) via multiple exchanges (and also mentions the concept of bypassing exchanges in the future).

As we now know that FTTP-on-demand is likely to have been enabled by over-provisioning the fibre spines, it seems plausible that BT have employed this kind of setup.
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