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Standard User aavid60
(learned) Tue 05-Feb-13 19:19:10
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Any Way

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My exchange went live last September and as yet my Cab is not enabled.
Is there any way to check how many cabs are live on a exchange?
Standard User ccxo
(experienced) Tue 05-Feb-13 22:54:51
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Re: Any Way

[re: aavid60] [link to this post]
What does the BT wholesale asdl checker say for your line, if its not a BT number then use the address checker (do not use the Postcode checker)

The Wholesale checker will tell you what cabinet you are on, if not cabinet then you are on a Exchange only line.

Also put your postcode into this checker and if a yellow pin appears it will mean that your cabinet is delayed.

Only way to know how many cabs are live on a exchange is to put numbers/address into the BT wholesale adsl checker to see if the FTTC service is live, though you need a list of cabinets for the exchange though this information is commercially sensitive.
Their is the leaked December 2011 Postcode spreadsheet which lits all exchanges and cabinets that Openreach had planned at that time- which is your exchange?

Orange BB 5856/448

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